June 5th open!

Due to the delay of the construction, Shippo no namae will one on June 5th, from 12 pm.


One of the attendants Brendan hospitalized for complete check up. He has been under the weather for these several days. The Vet says it's too long period. He will stay at the hospital for a few days, so he might not be back by the opening. However, that's not a real problem. The most important thing is that he will be fine again and soon.

Puttng up the sign

We put up the open notice sign. It's on the second floor, the window is facing to the road, but it somewhat set back, so it is a little bet difficult to be seen. Well, better than nothing.


The web site is almost complete, however, foods and drinks are "plan". They might be changed.


Cafe & Bar with Cats しっぽのなまえ、現在オープンに向けて準備中です。グランドオープンは6月1日を予定していますが、進捗状況によっては前後する場合があります。
詳しくはウェブか、twitter (shippononamae) をご確認ください。

Cafe & Bar with Cats
, Shippo no namae is now preparing to open. Grand open will be June 1st, but it might be before or later. Check out on this web or twitter (shippononamae)!